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Charles Phoenix and 'The Long, Long Trailer'

This special event, hosted by Charles Phoenix, features his retro trailer slide show and the screening of the 1954 MGM classic film, 'The Long, Long Trailer' starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. $25 (2 hrs)
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In celebration of the Modernism Week Vintage Trailer Show the same weekend, and the star of the show, a spectacular restoration of a long 36-foot New Moon trailer (the model seen in the film,) Phoenix invites you to his screening of the comedy classic 1954 hit film, The Long, Long Trailer, starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, then at the height of their popularity.

This special event, hosted by humorist Charles Phoenix, features his retro trailer side show, curated in tribute of the film, its iconic stars, and the colorful history of travel trailers. You just know the audience will have an uproarious time viewing the funniest vintage slides Charles has in his collection, and hearing his hilarious commentary about each of them.

The film, directed by Vincente Minnelli, stars Nicky (Desi Arnaz) and Tacy (Lucille Ball) who plan to marry.  Nicky wants to save up money for a house, but Tacy dreams of starting off with their own home on wheels. After the two are hitched, they hitch up their very long trailer and begin their honeymoon. The humor comes from several disastrous adventures the couple has while traveling, including Tacy's awkward attempt to cook dinner in a moving trailer, and a cliffhanging ride through the mountains that nearly destroys their marriage.


Charles Phoenix, the “Ambassador of Americana,” is known for his live comedy retro slide show performances, JOYRIDE videos, field trip tours, “test kitchen” concoctions and colorful coffee table books (Addicted to Americana, Holiday Jubilee), all celebrating America’s classic and kitschy pop culture past and present.


Things to Know

This event is for all ages.
Local covid restrictions in effect at the time of the presentation will be respected.
Ample free public parking is available in the multi-level public garage across from the Palm Springs Art Museum.
Handicap parking is available. This event is wheelchair accessible.
Performance is 90 minutes without intermission.
The organizer of this event is Modernism Week.

Event Check-in Location 

Annenberg Theater,  Palm Springs Art Museum, 101 N. Museum Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92262
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Charles Phoenix, Moviestore Collection Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo,, New Moon Trailer Ralf Geryk, United Archives GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo, New Moon Trailer Ralf Geryk


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